Tax form 2290
concreteanimal 08-12-2013
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Heaven vehicle use tax. As I read instructions  concrete booms are exempt. As specialy designed mobile machinery for nontransportation functions.    Am I correct?

Mister_Perkins 08-12-2013
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oversized or overweight concrete pumps and belts are not exempt from trip permits

concreteanimal 08-13-2013
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Permits have nothing to do with what I'mtalking about.  This is a annual tax for heavy ( over 55,000 lbs) trucks. Those who own and pull tags for there company would deal with this.  I was told when I registered my last truck it applied to that truck.

JoelDLong 08-18-2013
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I think you're reading it should not apply to a concrete pump because the heavy highway use tax is directed at "cargo carrying" vehicles over 55k.  I think you can prove fairly easily that cargo space is nonexistent... might have to mail a few pics in with your claim for exemption.

Willie60 08-20-2013
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We dont even run license plates on the truck that I drive, Just A us DOT number. I was told I dont need A DOT physical, But I have one and will keep it up to date. We run off road fuel and I have never seen the first permit.  I am over weight when full of water. 

Captain Ron 12-14-2014
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In Florida, every year I have to go to the tag office for renewal. They require the heavy use tax on every truck over 55,000 or 55,999 not sure. You have to go on line and pay the tax before you can renew. You get a form e mailed with a watermark on it that authenticates it.


If I am wrong and there is an exemption please inform us all on this. I have been paying this for some time now.

biged 12-14-2014
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Willie60 you get you butt catch with off road fuel in your Truck tank you want worry about anything else,the 2290 form has to be signed off at a local IRS office its more trouble that anything else.