Telebelt Repair Help
JustinFigs 01-28-2020
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Hey, I know this is primarily a pumping forum but I hoping some of you had experience running Telebelts too. I'm in the process of getting a 1996 Telebelt TB105 on a Mack chassis running that had sat at the shop for a number of years unused. The process so far has been relatively easy; change fluids, replace feeder belt, change scrapers and skirts, so on and so forth. The issue I've been having is there is a oil leak under the swing gear drive at the back of the truck. I think I've narrowed down the source to a short hose with an open end (shown in picture 3). I have not been able to find anything in the maintenance book or the parts book describing what the hose is for. Any help would be appreciated as I'm at a loss right now.

PRO-BELT 02-10-2020
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Hey Justin.....It looks like someone put the hose there as a breather, that gearbox didn't come with a breather.

Most likely the brake seals are bad and your gearbox is filling up with hydraulic oil.

We stock rebuild kits for the brake and the Eaton motors.

You might want to look at the shaft seal on the gearbox too.