The need to listen to what is being said
79xlch 06-30-2018
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I was coming back to the shop and received a call.  It was a block pumping job and I said I was 45 minutes away from the shop and I would call when I got to the shop for directions.  Got to the shop and called for directions, come on down and cross the bridge and the next road to the left you will see the trucks.  From that I was still 30 minutes away.  Sure enough when I turned in there was 2 concrete trucks waiting.  Started setting up and I could see that one driver had an attitude (pissed)  now I have that gut feeling, how long you been here driver.... 4 1/2 hours.  We tried to pump the oldest but 10 minutes in it flashed and no amount of water was stopping it.  I was able to clean out and backed in the second and was able to pump him and had enough to complete the job.  

We were actually working for the general contractor at that time.  The sub contractor had not paid their normal pump man from the last job for what ever reason so when the pumper got the call he said sure get both trucks coming and ill be right there.  He had no intentions of showing and hoped they would have to eat the concrete as payback.

So when I was told "when you see the trucks"... I should have heard something.

PUMBO 07-02-2018
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4.5 hours old that you knew about on a block fill job and you were game to give it a go? Absolute madness on your behalf.

orygun 07-06-2018
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´╗┐well you got invited to a barbecue and you were the main course 

Dipstick 07-23-2018
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I don't know if it was so stupid. I once was called out to a job where some other pump company already gave it a try in the morning. They didn't mannage to pump the concrete and the operator had gone out of his roof and left the site with a boom full of concrete. But somehow I hadn't heared this story.  So I sett up, prime the boom without any problem and move the hose towards the poor. They where like : What?? Are you ready?? I say: Yes of course. Why not? THEN I heared the story. From that day on we got all the pumping for this 2 year project LOL

Cplarcher 07-28-2018
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Its how old??? sorry boss not going through my machine.  I've learned the hard way. Has anyone ever Jack hammered out boom pipe before???  Don't find out it how bad it sucks.  After 3 hours its fire in the barrel.