There are many honorable men in our industry Tank Of Line Dragon is one of them.
Todd 03-13-2018
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I have know many very honorable good men with great Character in our industry and Tank Stands with them for sure. If Tank says something it is the truth and you can flat out believe him. Any man that calls Tank a lier is worthy of mockery. Tank and his wife are well known in his community for caring for others and child protective services bring new born abandoned and drug addicted babies to Tank and his wife to care for them until they can be adopted. You will find few people that are so willing to love and suffer for others with no benefit to themselves other then they get to care for others. You will find few people who love people and care for doing what is right than these two people. I have been in awe of them for a long time.

Tank is preparing for an epic battle, one he will win but a battle none the less. Those of you who pray, please pray for him and his wife. I will be helping him all I can. When evil raises its ugly head we must defeat it. I thank God for men like Tank. A man among men. I Stand with Tank.

Todd Bulis

Tank 03-13-2018
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Thanks for the kind words but my wife gets all the credit for taking care of the babies. She has a heart of gold and I'm a lucky man.

I was blessed with a vision back in 2002 and started coming up with the design for the Line Dragons.  

I did find some old pics from the very fist Line Dragons

Todd 03-14-2018
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Gary Brown just sent this to me and gave me to go ahead to post this and his quote.

   I read your post about Tank this morning. Tank is honorable and a great person to do business with.
We bought our 3 set of Line Dragons. Attached is a YouTube video we shot last week.

If you need my Help
Thanks Gary"

Gary Brown of R.L. McCoy

Logger 03-15-2018
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Tank will have our support till the end !  

Todd 03-15-2018
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Awesome, let all good men support Tank

Tank 03-19-2018
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Ok guys 

its official 

Somero has filed a lawsuit against me and Line Dragon LLC because I said they copied the Line Dragons and are infringing on my patent.   Guess they just want me to shut up. 

Thanks for all the support 


Line Dragon LLC