Tk50 help
Concrete7111 03-12-2020
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My Putzmeister tk50 main cylinders seem to go out of sync every 4 strokes it pauses and forces them back into sync   I’m assuming it’s an internal leak in one of the cylinders. But any input is appreciated  

Concrete7111 03-21-2020
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Nobody ? 

alexar 03-22-2020
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Did you observe anything out of place on the pressure gauges, accumulator pressure in particular?

If there was a leak from the pistons, it would pour hydraulic oil into the water box, did you notice anything strange there?

Another option would be the proximity sensors faulting. I think the manual explains how to check for that.

Anyways those are usually the main suspects

Concrete7111 03-24-2020
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I’m thinking the piston seals internally allowing oil past the piston . Not the external seals. Proximity swatches are all working fine. If you watch the cylinders move they go out of sync then after a few strokes it loads down and forces them back into alignment. I’ve checked all four check valves and they appear to be working no broken springs or visible damage  

alexar 03-24-2020
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If it's indeed an internal leak. There is a way to make sure that. You put the pump in test stroke mode, what it does it maxes out the pressure on each cylinder in turn, kind of similar to when you get plugged. If you don't observe any loss of pressure then you're fine on that front. I would recommend to advise the manual again for that since every pump is a bit different and I have some experience with TK40.

TL 03-27-2020
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does this causes your hoses line to surge? I have to anchor or tie down my line from surging.  Nitrogen is good, above 95. I replaced all 3 prox sensors and two relay, but still the same.

Concrete7111 03-27-2020
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No my lines dont surge at all  on the forth stroke it pauses and loads down while the cylinders realign. I spoke to Putz yesterday and they confirmed what I thought an internal leak on a cylinder. He said about her tell tale sign is one cylinder creeping while the pump is stopped  

pudg2 03-31-2020
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you may want to check with putz but I do believe there are some check valves on the material cylinders that can also cause this , that's the easiest place to start .