TPG Concrete Pumping runs Power-Line Proximity Alarms Systems.
Todd 12-07-2023
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Project near power lines?
No problem with TPG! ⚡️
Our state-of-the-art systems have been integrating range limiters for years, blocking the deployment of mat in at-risk areas. The "Pro-Logic" system ensures optimal protection against high voltage electrical wires at the edges of construction sites.
In addition, each member of our team undergoes rigorous annual training which is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest CNESST standards. These specialized sessions cover essential procedures for working near power lines. Our commitment to safety is not only measured by equipment, but also by the competence of our team, always ready to adhere to the most stringent standards. ✔️
Choose TPG for secure, compliant and successful projects! ????????
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TPG is an awesome company that is running a Power-Line Proximity Alarm System. Someday I know these type of systems will be on every concrete boom pump in the USA and Canada. I believe these systems saves lives and helps to keep your insurance from going through the roof. Great Job TPG.

Todd 12-07-2023
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For the USA i really like Sigalarm, great guys you can trust.

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rightangledevelopers 12-21-2023
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TPG Concrete Pumping prioritizes safety with Power-Line Proximity Alarm Systems, ensuring heightened awareness and prevention of potential electrical hazards on job sites. This advanced technology enhances operational safety, providing real-time alerts to operators, and aligns with TPG's commitment to a secure work environment.