Trailer pump recommendations.
Frbejarano 06-15-2020
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New to the forum and looking to buy my first trailer mounted pump and am needing suggestions. 

I’ll give you some background. I’m a concrete contractor and we’re picking up a lot of small jobs. We normally buggy or wheelbarrow these small jobs. Builders are moving away from using alleys so access is limited. We these jobs are normally 5 - 15 yards total .

I’m looking into an Olin 5 30 or bigger or a Schwing SP305. What do you guys recommend? 

Ease of use and reliability are priorities for me. 

I will be using a pea gravel mix with this pump.

Concrete7111 06-16-2020
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My putzmeister tk50 has been really good to me  you can pump larger stone mixes as well . Around here there isn’t much work for only small stone  we push 3/4 stone mixes through 3 inch hose all day   

Dipstick 06-17-2020
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I'd definitely recommend Putzmeiser P715

I think the TK50 is way to heavy for your needs. (No offence ;-)

The P715 has slightly lower output as the SP305 but a lot more pressure. Comes in handy if you need to pump a bit longer distance with stiffer concrete. 

Putzmeister is the quality choice. Schwing is about the same level though. I wouldn't go for anything but these 2 brands if quality and reliability is your priority. 

You want cheaper. Just remember you get what you pay for ;-)

T-Riffic 08-12-2020
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The 305 should be a good fit I have 2 of them pump 3/4 blended mix all the time have gone a little over 350 ft with them are not very fast but are good pumps