bisley57 02-25-2017
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         You carry a firearm in your pump?

orygun 02-25-2017
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´╗┐have the small chipping hammer. reality is today all people have to do is claim gun and the po po will run out and haul your ass away. trust me on this.

ATM14 02-26-2017
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Depends on where you're located. If you're in a more liberal state or in a dense city, I'd probably not recommend it, or if you do, make sure you have all necessary documentation needed to be legal. If you're in my conservative state or rural areas, you probably won't have to worry so much, legality wise. Where you feel like you may need it is up to you. I'd also make sure that you probably disclose it your employer just in case they were to find it without knowing it's there could land you in a rocky position.

Personal experience, I'm from MN and do not have a conceal and carry or anything, nor do I so far feel I need to. I don't operate though, so I do not have a pump. I just work on them. 

Haven't met an operator who has disclosed to me that they have one with them, or at least yet.

ShortStik 02-26-2017
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94 30-30 and 870 tactical fit perfect on a back window rack in an mr.

pudg2 02-27-2017
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I used to work in a area where our shop/yard was located in a rough area , I packed and didn't feel comfortable leaving a weapon in my personal vehicle at our yard , so unless I was going into a petrochemical plant or refinery my pistol would go along for the ride , now most companies nowadays do not allow weapons to be carried , so even if you have proper documentation and the company policy states no firearms , you can be ticketed for illegally possessing a firearm , CC does not override company policy in company vehicles or company property. 

gillrod 1 02-28-2017
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I am pretty sure it is illegal to carry a firearm in a commercial vehicle

pudg2 02-28-2017
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negative , it is not illegal

pumpnfinish 03-05-2017
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I keep guns hidden all over the pump. I have one at the hopper in case a mixer driver wants to steal my wallet. One by the waterbox for when my back is turned while filling it. One at the end of the boom in case the finishers try to rape me. One on the bottom of the remote box in case I can't get to the others. One under the drivers seat in case someone wants to pumpjack me at a stop light. I also keep several backups on me and in my car. If your gonna be a real man that can protect yourself from all the bad guys out to get you this is the way to go.

bisley57 03-05-2017
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I thought only responsible adults could own firearms.......

pumpnfinish 03-06-2017
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Your thinking of just about everywhere else in the world. 

pudg2 03-08-2017
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In 99% of situations you come across you can handle without getting violent , 25 years ago in the US men had a problem they took it outside and handled business like men , nowadays , there's no more having a scuffle without having someone pulling out a weapon of some sort. I do carry in my vehicle but rarely do I carry a sidearm on my person unless I am in the woods or on the water, I am confident in my ability to protect myself and my family in most situations without a weapon, but I'd rather have a gun and not need it than need one and not have it.