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espinozajuan4538 11-20-2016
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Hey folks I'm new to this program I just happened to run into it. I'm from California and I was wondering what's the first step and to starting up a concrete pump business, I have no idea and how to run a pump Been in concrete only for a couple of months, so I was wondering if I could get some help some advice where to start building a small concrete pump business...thanks 

Slopump 11-23-2016
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Have you ever run a concrete pump yourself or at least with someone? It takes a lot of work and it's also tough work. 

If I were to start all over without knowing anything I would work for someone else and get well trained in running a concrete line pump. You have to learn how to drive your truck and trailer pump. Learn how to maneuver the truck and trailer into some tough spots sometimes.

You have to learn how to set up properly, laying out hoses, clamping up hoses, and give yourself enough time to set up too. You don't want to be setting up with a concrete mixer truck and crew sitting there waiting for you. Learning how to prime it out, how to place the concrete to make the workers work easier, and leaning how to properly clean out the pump is crucial. 

You have to make sure you're properly trained so you can also be safe. You have to know what to do in case of a hose getting plugged and how to get it unplugged safely. You want to be able to protect yourself, the people around you, and property around you.

It took me about 6 solid months to where I could feel comfortable running a pump on my own when I first started and a full year where I felt very confident in my abilities I have a one man show pumping concrete in san luis obispo now and I've been involved with concrete for over 14 years now. 

The main thing is to be trained and go work for someone else first. See if it's the right thing for you. See if their is a lack of concrete pumpers in your area too. You don't want to invest in a business where the market is already pretty much covered and you'll just be sitting at home waiting for work.

Hope this helps!

RG 01-10-2017
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Spiro 05-27-2017
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Hey mate,

Good to see your considering a career in concrete pumping. If i were to do it all again.  I would say work with a good operator for about 1 year and save some money. Then from there once you feel comfortable operating , you would also have met some contact in the industry which is extremely important ( to build a customer base) . 

I would then advise against buying a new pump or any pump that puts you in alot of debt. I would shop around and get a good second hand pump, tiill you get a steady flow of customers. At the start you will always be a little quiet, so having large debt will drain your cashflow- obvously you might have issues with an older pump, but still its less pressure on the bank when customer base is small.

Hope my advice helps :)

Feel free to contact me  at my website , if you have any questions. Love to help!

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