Update to Rapid ERP Version 2.2109.01.1
Rapid Apps 08-31-2021
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A new version of Rapid ERP will be published on Wednesday 09/01/2021 after hours, which will then be available for update from Thursday 09/02/2021 with the following changes / features:

- Ability to see address suggestions while adding new /changing existing address for job sites and auto-populate location, city, state and zip code based on the chosen address suggestion.

- Ability to create checklist actions that allow multiple answers

- Ability to add multiple equipment sizes as filtering criteria to Report Central > Sales > Equipment Unit ID report

- Ability to disallow or prompt for duplicate invoice numbers

- Ability to add Caller Name as part of job confirmation messages

- Automatically assign the dispatcher's assigned dispatch location as the default when adding new jobs

- New Employee Time Off Report available in Reports > Report Central > Employee > Time Off and Human Resources > Employee > Reports > Time Off

- Bug fixes, usability enhancements and security improvements to editing records in Employees, Users, Jobs, Job Sites, Job Tickets, Invoicing, Pricing, Lien Central, Localities, Sales Regions, Tax Regions, Reports, Quoting