venting on employees
rspumping 04-12-2005 comment profile send pm notify

employees suck they will never care as much as you do about the profesionalism, courtesy or job. if they do they dont last long they are future owners that steal all your customers from the other stupid employees that dont care because they live from pay check to pay check. how do you get these guys to care if they dont grease the pump and it fails sure they lose but you do to and they dont care as much its just a vacation day. should we just fire them all and run the pumps ourselfs.

desertrat 04-13-2005 reply profile send pm notify

i just put twenty years in with an outfit worked night and day never said no to dispatch didnt tear stuff up they didnt even say thanks when i left its a two way street bro screen your help better dont hire the first guy that says he can pumpdesertrat

ted 04-14-2005 reply profile send pm notify

I have just read your message(employees)I really think you have a problem and it needs sorting before you go down the road of no return. To have respect you first have to gain it and perhaps your men have none for you. Who will drive your pumps when they leave. They are your best asset with out them you are nothing what will they be saying about you to your customers.Who by the way are your bread and butter.Take a step back before it all goes pear the phone add talk is cheap but in your case it may help you????its never to late,

rspumping 04-14-2005 reply profile send pm notify

well you all have great things to say about yourselves. as you probably are all good employees. if i get a good one that cares as i do they usually buy there own pumps and make it for themselves as i did. once being an employee myself. ive been in buisness for 7 years i find it hard to respect the ones that dont respect themselves. as for the customers they all request me beacause i will go the extra mile. i want them to stay with me. the operators figure oh there be another job tommorow at least the ones i have. oh im just venting thanks for listening.

rspumping 04-14-2005 reply profile send pm notify

well said accumulator therll be plenty of oppurtunity for you

Schwingman 04-18-2005 reply profile send pm notify

In defense of RSpumping--even bosses have bad days. This appears to have been his.