Vibratory keeps burning out
greyslayer 04-26-2017
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K so I seem to be going through grate vibrators left right and center. They only seem to last roughly 4 months. I have replaced the wire from the panel to the vibrator with heavy gauge wire thinking I was getting a voltage drop. I tested at the vibrator I'm getting 13.5 to 14 volts at the vibrator running. I alway adjust the weights to get a fine vibration not the bouncing and rattling vibration. And lock tight the nuts back on after changing the weights. But when the vibrator fails it usually gets hot then stops vibrating period. I have been buying from alliance. And they are always good to me when I tell them it has failed. The only time I use the vibrator is for stiff pile mixes. So it's not all that often. HELP!!!


greenguy 04-28-2017
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It's the Vibrator brand - it's probably an Oli.   They don't hold up when mounted to a hopper grate.   Either mount it to the hopper (not ideal), or get a vibco unit.   They're far more robust and will treat you well for years.   They'll run you about 30% more up front.

ShortStik 04-29-2017
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greenguy, why is hopper mounted vibrator not ideal?

in my experience, grill mounted vibrator only last 6 months if using like a hopper mounted vibrator.  last time i seen a vibrator on a junjin, it is the same as other manufactures with the same life span when grill mounted.

greyslayer 04-29-2017
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Good to know I was talking with a old time pumper that is back on a mixer and told me about vibco vibrator's question though what would make the life span change being on the grate instead of the whole  tub 

greenguy 04-30-2017
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The Oli ones just aren't real robust.  The end caps can leak, they dent easily and then jam up the motor, frying the windings.   The hopper grate is a tough place to be - its abusive.   When mounted to the hopper they are subject to less abuse, but are less effective.    My understanding of vibrators is that they are there to allow tough mixes to get through the grate.   They "should" vibrate the grate only, and not the whole truck, somewhat isolated by the hopper grate mounts.   When mounted to the hopper, they essentially consolidate the mix in your hopper (making it tough with some mixes to pump), and can cause issues with wire vibration in control boxes (especially when they're mounted near the hopper).    A robust Vibrator mounted to the grate is the most effective way to do it.   

Boomerr 05-04-2017
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I use a powtech V60 vibrator on my grate. They work good and last 2 to 3 years and it runs whenever my pump is pumping in forward. i put a screen on top of my grate and can pump with a 3.5 hose and never plug. I built a tin box with a slopped top and put it over top of the vibrator siliconing it down to the vibrator mounting plate. I had the same problem as you did until i did this. Hope this helps

Canpump 07-17-2017
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We build a steel box with a bottom plate and a cover for our grate mounted vibrators and the vibrator is sealed inside and they hold up for years.

biged 08-15-2017
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Vibco are good for maybe 9 months I'm retired for 4 years now my vibcos one on the hopper middle ,one on the grate should go under the grate I had a spring loaded switch center being off left Hopper Right Grate I used a Olin 545 ball valve pump the stooges I sold my pump kit to buy Electric drill type from Harbor Freight they last 3 months they have a year warranty so every three month they get a new one free as you can tell I said stooges my pump has not been cleaned on the outside in 3 1/2 yrs they grate that I sold it with is still on it big holes, I would build a new grate sometime two per year,I do not refer these guy to anybody you can't fix stupid, my old buddy Ray McNair who died 8/1/16 call guys like that trailer trash Right on Ray.