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 Has anyone used volume metric mixers for large jobs ?...  trying to find the pros and cons ....  pouring into a boom...

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Yeah i pump with one quite a bit. They are messy so bring a cover. 20-30 yds an hour max. When they first are going to put mud in your hopper dump it to the side to get to the rocks out. Other than that no big deal they pay. 

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It really all depends if it's a pumpable concrete mix, last year I did a 3 day 120,000 sq ft slab (2,700 yards of  conc) with a cementech volumetric concrete truck, didn't have one issue with the concrete not being pumpable, we averaged 60 yards a hr, 13-14 hrs of pumping per day

I also did a job a couple years back where I had to fold up and drive away , concrete was just not pumpable, it didn't matter how much he increased his slump or powder content, just would not pump, the sand they were using was to coarse, so just make sure that it's a pumpable mix and you should be fine

Oh and by the way, volumetric truck are extremely messy so be prepared to spend a hr or two cleaning your truck with a pressure washer after the job

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I have 3 volumetric mixers and have come to find that my concrete is by far alot easier to pump than alot of the other drum truck manufacturers. It all depends on your operator and a good mix design....good luck.