What brand of engine in your linepump?
SUPERDOFFER 04-17-2016
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Hi people I am just curious

If you were buying a new line pump and you had the choice, wat brand of engine did you put in it.

Not alone for reliability but also the availability of spareparts.  

orygun 04-17-2016
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I would go with cummins. cat is perkins. Kubota would be good. most of us with duetz are over the barrel for parts, Germany to Portland Oregon. then most diesel mechanics do not know duetz so they are scared to touch them.

sherpa 04-18-2016
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Cummins or Kubota sound nice. I have a VM Motori in my pump and the motor is bullet proof similar to a duetz or hatz. but parts are a problem. Luckily besides the cam driven fuel pump nothing really ever breaks and even the fuel pump wont let you down, when it does just need to re prime before starting. The VM is wonderful in its simplicity and reliability, but being an old school air cooled diesel its loud and leaks oil like a sieve.

RCP2005TCP 04-26-2016
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Cummins would be FRIKKEN AWESOME! But I have deutz in my pumps and parts aren't too difficult to source because we have a local  dealer nearby but they are EXPENSIVE! Damn reliable engine though other then 1 bad water pump and 1 starter replacement in 10 years of service. I'm pretty happy with that.

pudg2 04-27-2016
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Deutz , by far less issues with these engines than ones on the boom pumps.