What is the ACPA doing that is Right...
daveck27 05-12-2005
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I put off joining the ACPA for a long time, and the primary reason was the bad taste left in my mouth after having 2 manufacturers names shoved down my throat repeatedly while reading each issue of their magazine. Many of the articles, while educational, seemed (and still seem) to be blatant marketing vehicles promoting these 2 companies. I know they provide lots of funding, but this needs to be kept to ads, not articles. Any good operator with a well maintained pump, regardless of make, can pump a job, and this is what is interesting and informative, not that the pump was made by so and so. Who cares, really, except the manufacturer, and it is supposed to be for pumpers.What finally convinced me to join is the safety materials. These are great resources and ought to be included in the price of membership. Overall, ACPA seems to be doing some good things, and will never be able to keep everbody happy. If they keep up the good safety and lobbying work, that will be a huge benefit to the industry.

Pumpitude 05-14-2005
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WHO decided the configuration of the new yellow box universal standard remote control that is now on every new pump and why do you think they chose the configuration they did? was it an ACPA decision or recomendation?live to pumppump to live