what to charge
miromasonry 08-15-2010 comment profile send pm notify

I am new at this how do you find out what to charge I have a ball pump and live in south Ga

pumpjockey 08-15-2010 reply profile send pm notify

What does the competition charge for a similar machine? Did you not figure this out before you got into it?

Joe 08-16-2010 reply profile send pm notify

I'm assuming he bought it for his own use and decided to offset the cost and pump for other people as well? I hope that's the case

eugene 08-16-2010 reply profile send pm notify

as a bench mark go $90- bucks. regardless of yardage or line distance it all works out fair. now mileage costs lets say 20 miles and 30 minutes past your convient area, go $45- if it seems applical. so today iam back on a job to do one yard and i will charge my $100- bucks an hour, no big deal because i will get all the pool deck and drive area.

miromasonry 08-16-2010 reply profile send pm notify

yes I bought for my co. for block fill. I never used it for any thing else. what kind of jobs should I be looking for ? as for asking my competition that seems unethical to me, that's why I am asking ya'll thanks

biged 08-16-2010 reply profile send pm notify

What brand of pump do you have that will depend on what size jobs you can do and how fast you can pump I do a lot of block fill I run a 5/45 Olin I charge 110.00 per hour and 2.75 per yard pumped,and 15.00 for priming.

miromasonry 08-16-2010 reply profile send pm notify

it's a mayco ball pump 2" hose before I bought the pump back in 2007 I was paying pumpers 275.00 for set up that included 6 yards and 2 men after 6 yards the rate was 25.00 per yard

biged 08-16-2010 reply profile send pm notify

I had a mayo breako to start it you are going to pump with it for hire stay with grout, you can't fine good pumpable concrete those want pump more than 900 lbs of 1/2 rock per yard,ans another thing get away from the 2 inch hose get your self some 2 1/2 inch hose less trouble with plugs, my thoughts are if you are going to pump for hire get rid of the C-30,Olin makes the best BallValve on the market for small line pumps you can fine good deals on used Olin's with low hours on a lot of site's.

eugene 08-16-2010 reply profile send pm notify

that mayco will not make you any money so get the used olin or a small s-tube and you will need 200 plus foot of 2.5 inch line but do not let them dealers sell you a 25 foot piece, just too tough to work with, they need to be 17 footers. my 2000 putz ball pump with 1000 hours is worth 15K to part with. 50 foot of new 2.5 inch in three peces and three clamps is 1000 bucks. not a big investment for the rates you say for the area.

biged 08-17-2010 reply profile send pm notify

eugene is right, but he must be a small fellow cause I use only 25 ft sections of 2 1/2 inch but then again my pump is build into a 14 ft gooseneck trailer.

Vasa 08-17-2010 reply profile send pm notify

Big Ed I'am a "small" Guy to , I have the endhose 27-28' and the doubble-enders 10' long . Much easier to carry two 10' than one 27' . And when We shorten the line We take away one or two 10' and connect the 28' and then we dont have some metal on the end . The short one are much easier to wash or that We do in Sweden or In the Land Downunder , blow them with air . One 10' hardly moves when You blow them one buy one , I use to strap the hose on supportleg or the hopper . I shall do "candycane" on the side of the hopper to conect the hose when I blow it . By the way I talking about 2.5" hose . It's better to use the brain than to much muscle , it is not funny to retier with constant pain of carring long heavy hoses....

biged 08-17-2010 reply profile send pm notify

Vasa we drag our hose's the only time I pick up a hose is to lay it in my hose rack, think about this when you use short hose you have more clamps to keep up with that wear out.

79xlch 08-17-2010 reply profile send pm notify

One of my competitors called the other day and was wanting to throw some overflow business my way for my line pump. I said great except I charge 130.00 per hour, they charge 90.00. I stay as busy as I want to at that rate. I do not charge for prime because I only use water and newspaper. Wet news paper in the hose followed by water and concrete. We had 250' of 2.5 out today pumping a 4000 psi with 2% high early in 93 degree heat. They wanted to wreck the wall today. I did get some attention when the paper wad came out of the end of the hose, BOOM; people scattered.

stink21 08-17-2010 reply profile send pm notify

we do the same as vasa which we run a wall hook an as we can we will pull 1 or 2 hoses an wash them with water cause u can never get a 25+ footer clean with just water so that saves havin to fire up the compressor an when we can well pump a couple hopper fulls of water thru its a little more time consuming but alot safer

biged 08-18-2010 reply profile send pm notify

I only run water threw my hose one time on the clean out I open the line at the pump fill hopper with water pump the left over out of the manifold then put a wad of wet newspaper in the rehook the hose and pump the water out then after breaking down all hose's we then roll each hose starting at one end ,that gets all the sand out, then on the next job we put about a gallon of water in and roll them again that gets the hose wet on the inside.

eugene 08-18-2010 reply profile send pm notify

cost of 17 footers over 25 footers and one clamp is $100- bucks. we have to carry hose across existing and uphill. sometimes when doing walks where you are knocking off four pieces of 25 foot it takes fore ever to dump out and drag back to wash. i get paid by the hour not for cranking on my back. took 200 foot of goodyear with the swaged ends and made custom sizes. then i have one fifty foot set in 17 footers and two older more flexable hoses 18 and 19 foot. also four 2 inch 25 footers 3 17"s and 40 foot tip hose. one three inch transision piece eight foot long, its been a life saver. so the 240 foot 2.5 inch and 200 foot 2 inch fits horse shoed on a pickup flat bed 80 inch by 9 foot, its about two foot high stack. all in all i can grab a 17 andf a clamp to hook up where ever and the same when i wash and put back on the truck, one hand.

miromasonry 08-26-2010 reply profile send pm notify

mine is 2'' at this moment I need 75 foot more should I get 3 25' sections ? thanks o.k. thanks yes I am a green horn and out of work. y'all responded to my request about how much to charge ? but you also talked about the size hose you use and the length that you use 17' sections and your hoses are 2-1/2 sizes

MacGyver 09-18-2010 reply profile send pm notify

Charge?!?!? Pump for free everybody is doing it! It doesn't matter what you charge, your competition will charge less.... Schwing is king!

Dipstick 09-18-2010 reply profile send pm notify

wauw eugine... That's a lot of numbers... I get dizzy ;-)