What's the news at Schwing WoC booth Todd?
jaybee 01-26-2012 comment profile send pm notify

ENR reported y/day alreaday about XCMG part buy-out of Schwing, with comment from Tom o'M.

What's new off the Strip?

concreteluvr 01-26-2012 reply profile send pm notify

Schwing will not admit it and will not deny it. I am a big fan of Schwing and the products. Here is what Jaybee reported and what is on ENR's report.

Say it Aint so. Please


China's Largest Equipment Manufacturer Said Taking Stake in Schwing

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Photo by Tudor Van Hampton
Industry analysts say that Chinese manufacturer XCMG has purchased a stake in Schwing, which exhibited at this year's World of Concrete.
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Chinese manufacturer XCMG has taken out a stake in Germany-based Schwing, industry analysts have told ENR.

Details of the deal are sketchy though it is the subject of much talk here at the annual World of Concrete show, held Jan. 24-27 in Las Vegas. Schwing, a large exhibitor at the show, declined to comment.

"We prefer to communicate directly with our customers, not through the media," said Tom O'Malley, vice president of sales and marketing at Schwing America. XCMG, China's largest equipment manufacturer and the seventh-largest worldwide, could not be reached for comment.

Schwing may have become an investment target in part due to recent financial troubles, experts say. In 2010, Schwing America emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a period of deep cutbacks in concrete construction spending.

"The U.S. basically went to zero units in 2009, and it hasn't really bounced back," said one pump vendor at World of Concrete, who asked not to be named. "We're really not forecasting a steady increase until 2013."

The move could help XCMG compete with more established players globally. In 2008, Chinese producer Zoomlion took out a 60% stake in Italian pump maker CIFA in a deal worth $422 million.

"The concrete pumping business is really a huge business in China," said Frank Manfredi, whose Mundelein, Ill.-based firm, Manfredi & Associates, provides market research for heavy equipment. "They have a need for pumping massive volumes of concrete very high in the air. The Chinese have done a very good job of developing products that do that."

However, as Chinese manufacturers such as Sany, Zoomlion and XCMG have sought to expand exports, they have run up against a poor-quality perception even though many of the parts—engines, hydraulic pumps and controls—on Chinese machines are sourced globally. Investing in an established player is one way to overcome such stigma, experts say.

"I drive a Pontiac and my wife drives a Honda. My Pontiac was made in Australia, and my wife's Honda was made in Ohio," says David Wright, general manager for Sany America's concrete pumping division. "The market is global."

Other vendors responded favorably to the deal.



Dipstick 01-26-2012 reply profile send pm notify

I don't understand the strategy of Schwing that they only want to comunicate directly to their customers.. Don't they want New customers? What if someone wants to start buying pumps.. You go for the brand that you know most of and has the best reputation.. If there are so much rumors about a brand and the brand itsself does nothing to inform the public what kind of impresion will that give to future buyers?

I love Schwing. I've been a Schwing man right from the start but I must say my picture of Schwing has not improved the last years. I find it sad..

concreteluvr 01-27-2012 reply profile send pm notify

Yea Dipstick. Many feel as you do. Especially here in the US. Parts have been real tough on guys to get, they suffered through a tough time and everyone stuck by them and now they keep sending messangers to say it isnt true but from all the info in Germany and here it looks like it is Chinese owned now. At least majority ownership as its been told.

Gerhard is suppose to stay on as GM. Will never be the same. They just hit tough times like many and it just will not be the same Schwing now. You know parts will not be GENUINE SCHWING PARTS anymore.

German engineering, German Quality and a friendly trade partner you can depend on for quality goods. Sad for Schwing and Sad for our German friends and Sad for the end users. Never had to worry about selling a Schwing or taking one on a job. Performance, Durable and just a great product.

Wish they would just come out and end a bad rumor(we all hope is rumor) or tell what is really going on. Not fair to guys who have millions wrapped up in Schwing products over the years.

95schwing 01-27-2012 reply profile send pm notify

Hopefully not true, with news of the other merger. If so it's a sad day. 

Todd Jr 01-27-2012 reply profile send pm notify

Not true guys. This was fabricated by ENR reporter. I spoke with Tom and Brian. He wanted Schwing to make a statement and they didn't. No Worries.

95schwing 01-27-2012 reply profile send pm notify

Thank God! Sad about the other.

seedless 01-28-2012 reply profile send pm notify

I think it would be smart to sell, Germans are not dumb business people. I am sure they will, as we see the writing on the wall. People or very few people buy for quality in these times,  it has to be profit profit. I see Sching hanging from a bridge  holding on by a thread, pretty soon they will be holding that thread in their teeth. The Korean manufacturers have prooven that cheaper seems to be better. China is not much different, but atleast has money to advance a business.

We have 4 Schwings fairly new, they show us how Schwing has had to deal with the cheaper prices also. They are not the Schwing we relied on before, and parts are just evil to get. Would we buy Schwing again, probably not. Putz is super sharp in customer service, and reliability. We don't see rediculous change from Putz in the new model, infact better, more reliability actually. I can't see Schwing competing, but wish they would, I do like them allot also, the valve system is amazing. They just need a boost, in QC. This is just what we see, in our area. And only my thoughts. 

Schwing makes allot of different products also, can't speek about that. I am sure they have lines of products supporting other lines of products. I hope they stay as they are, but economic times say sell. Why did Putz sell, hmmm?