Where can I get this part
Koby 10-24-2012
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Hello Friends

I am looking to buy a cleaning pig

I prefer the product of Putzmester or schwing

Where can I buy it? And how much it should cost?


Tom @ Irving Eqt 10-24-2012
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Call Con Forms in the UK (Wales), or if no one else can or will help you with that, I could from here Stateside.

Tom Johnston (419) 448-9891

Dipstick 10-24-2012
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Interesting. Never seen those before. How flexible are they? Do they work good in the bends?? I doubt it a bit but tell me if I'm wrong!

Tom @ Irving Eqt 10-26-2012
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This big hollowed out center likely allow this to go around boom elbows fairly easily.  The blue go-devil uses a simlar design & the material it's made out of (silicone I believe, or very similar) is flexible as all get-out.  Like running a round squeegee through your boom, I bet it makes it pretty clean when it's done....

Frogburner 10-28-2012
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Yes, the blue Go-Devil works pretty well. I tried it on the first jobsite and it came back, the next pour I could'nt even get it close to coming through the pipes. I was told it you cut the head off, it would come back better without affecting the performance, and it works. Had two jobs the other day, and it came back great, so far I like it.