Which Pump?
Big Red 10-11-2017
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I have to decide on and new Schwing 46m pump or and new Putz 47m, any info from someone running one of these will be greatly appreciated.

Which would you choose and why?

thank you 

roadhog 10-12-2017
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Putz....they a great support team! I needed help at 4 a.m. one morning and the 24 hr tech guy was there to help asap.Also....Go to the class Al is teaching in Wisconsin he does a great job explaining the whole system on how the pump operates, electrical stuff and you leave there with peace of mind.They have a great group of guys that love what they do......Happy Pumpin!...:)

Big Red 10-13-2017
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Thank you.

30something 10-16-2017
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Schwing all the way.  Longevity, service.  They have good national and Great local support staff. 

pudg2 10-17-2017
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hard to go wrong with either pump , both have their strong points , putz 47 5 section is a very versatile pump and the s-tube will pump harsh mixes , but with all the new electronics the operator will have to be schooled on them .

Schwing is a great pump , operator friendly and will last a lifetime if taken care of and maintained properly , it is a 4 section and has the rock valve which is easier to maintain , but in my experience will not pump the harsher mixes as the s-tube will.