Who knows what it is this model M.G. CONCRETE PUMP?
koby-parts 10-18-2010 comment profile send pm notify

Seed 10-18-2010 reply profile send pm notify

I bet is is the Hanwoo or Everdam I think they call it now! 

Dipstick 10-18-2010 reply profile send pm notify

It's a 38m build on a (to) small chassis???

pumpjockey 10-18-2010 reply profile send pm notify

I'm thinking it's a Jun-Jin.

Seed 10-19-2010 reply profile send pm notify

I can"t believe we don't have an answer!

arales 10-19-2010 reply profile send pm notify

hello! my name is aaron and i from israel. this pump is made by meir gold. he is from israel and he makes them somewhere in korea and bring them to israel. he made everithing by him self- and i think its a very good pump.

stretch 10-19-2010 reply profile send pm notify

i think its a good pump!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whf come on, buy a schwing or putz u guys say ok that looks good, come on. my money is still good after buying a unit that will still run 4 20 yrs. think long term dum ass


JoelDLong 09-28-2017 reply profile send pm notify

I think we each have our preference for specific brands...personally I like Putzmeister.  Alliance also treated me well.  Out of this entire post, to Arales from Israel, I would like you to know this , and I hope that I speak for the overwhelming majority of concrete pumpers here in the USA, I appreciated your response to the guys question.  You clearly know your pumps.  I appreciate the fact that you said you think it is a good pump...after all a fellow Israeli who happened to work for Putz almost 30 years ago built it, which tells me he is a veteran in this industry and you are probably correct in your thinking.  Most importantly, I personally wouldn't go so far as to call you a "dum ass" for liking any pump.  I like to think that this industry is blessed with some top-notch people and professionals, but unfortunately sometimes the stench of the armpits in our industry just can't be controlled.  I apologize for the rude comment that was directed your way.

nzpump 10-20-2010 reply profile send pm notify

Yeah, but who wants to run a 20 year old pump, smart ass

Seed 10-20-2010 reply profile send pm notify

Thanks for answering the question  arales! Your friend is rather crafty! Good luck to him!

Dipstick 10-20-2010 reply profile send pm notify

The problem with buying a unknown brand is not only the quallity of the product. It MIGHT even be better or just as good as schwing or putz but it is impossible to sell it again. I won't call names but I've heared of some cheaper pumps 3 years old that where for sale for insane low prices but just no one wants to have them. You would almost have to give them away.

While a used putz or schwing keeps a hell of a lot of value even after 10 or more years.

bigstick 10-20-2010 reply profile send pm notify

We finally agree on something Dipstick.  Buy Schwing, all you have to do is look at the auctions and see the huge difference in re-sale value.

RJB 09-24-2017 reply profile send pm notify

I do not think that the OP is in the US.  It would be a mistake to assume the market dynamics here are the same everywhere.  PM & Schwing are probably not going to have direct operations on the ground.  Import duties on pumps and replacement parts might be vastly higher from Germany when compared with Korea.  This is when the strength and commitment of the local dealer agent can become the most critical factor.

Resale value may not translate well if someone is waiting 6 weeks for basic parts on one of the German brands while at the same time the Korean brand agent has parts on the shelf.

Rashad 09-14-2017 reply profile send pm notify

MG pump founded by an Israeli business man who was the ex agent of Junjin in Israel ..he assembles the pumps with Korean manufacturers in Korea and delivered to Israel and some other countries .. can't really recall his name but I think Mr, Goldgrabber ...I have no doubt the pump is good knowing the gentlemen is in concrete pump business for decades now .. if I'm not mistaken he was also a putzmiester delays in the 90's as well .. Hope this info will help you guys 

RJB 09-24-2017 reply profile send pm notify

Meir Goldgraber.  Has his shop north of Tel Aviv, Israel.  You are correct.  He was the Putzmeister agent in the 90's.

TooTall 09-28-2017 reply profile send pm notify

Familiar story. That's exactly how Concord and KcP came to be.