bisley57 04-15-2018
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   Beyond personal pride,why should us operators that work with companies with 20 plus pumps grease and maintain our equipment? The money people use part replacement as a tax write off,so why the hell should I care about greasing their truck?    

orygun 04-15-2018
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´╗┐think auto greasers will give a false sense of doing a complete job. 

alexar 04-15-2018
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Good question, I think mostly because greasing is dependent on pump operation rather than routine maintenance. I am not sure that a maintenance crew will always know which pump come back when, and when should they be greased. Just like fuel refill and hydraulic oil refill, pump operator is the best person to know when those things are needed. Furthermore we aren't talking about greasing the boom or the undercarriage, just the pump, a rather simple and strait forward operation that needs to be done right after you comeback from a job, so the real question is why shouldn't you do it.

pudg2 04-23-2018
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one because if you don't I would hope most companies would fire a operator that did not grease or maintain the equipment they are paid to operate and maintain. The theory of a tax write off is true , but in no way does that make up for downtime or labor that is paid to repair a piece of equipment that has been neglected .

bisley57 04-23-2018
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So true Pudg,but the company I work for wouldnt have any operators if they were fired because of not maintaining their pump.If one is a rat they would be quite sucessful with the company I work with

ShortStik 04-24-2018
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i grease for personal comfort.  steering better, shift easier, front springs arnt so noisy and brakes have one less reason to fail.  the grease is a write off and so is my time greasing. :)  i do not like changing burned out pins/bushings or housing so why would a mechanic...