WOC 2007
Aussie 09-06-2006
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Coming over from Australia for woc flying from Brisbane to Los Angeles .

1, fly to vagas from la or hire a car  & drive ,will i need a car in vagas or is there ample transport ie shuttle buses cabs etc what is the best option.

2,is it better to purchase woc tickets in advance or are they available on entry,who do i contact for woc information.

3, same with  motel rooms is it better to book in advance or are they plenty of them during woc  .

 Any info & tips you guys can provide would be great thanks heaps.


Cheers from Aussie

Wrench 09-06-2006
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It about a 6 hr drive from LA. So thats up to you, as for Transpo in Vegas cabs and shuttles all over. I would book a room in advance. Not sure about the tickets I've always bought before hand. Have a safe trip.

Bob 09-06-2006
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You can go to the ACPA website and register thru the association. This gives the ACPA 'credit' for your registration which is important. EVERYONE should register for the WOC even if you are not going to go. It isn't a bad idea to register some of your customers as they might enjoy going and it shows you are thinking about them.

Do not get a car. Whatever hotel you decide on, (from the list of cooperating hotels) will have shuttle service to and from the show. Vegas also has plenty of cabs.

Register early, get it over with. Be sure that the ACPA gets credit for your registration + it is free.

Aussie 09-25-2006
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Thanks  .Bob   registered for woc with acpa & have received all the info i needed, hope to catch up with as many of you guys as i can &looking forward to it .

   thanks again see you all at woc