World Records???
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So what is the actual world record for the most yardage pumped at one time? Continuous

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I dont know if its still the record or not but Cross Concrete Pumping used 12 Concrete Pumps to pump 21,000 yards in 22 hours. 150 ready mix trucks made 4600 round trips.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport.


I have always love Bill Cross he is a good guy. When I started in this industry he was very nice to me.  

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That is a world record for the amount of time it took. Im wondering what the world record yardage is

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Largest single concrete pour in Canada; 3rd largest in the World May 13 2008

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~ New Record ~

Largest single concrete pour in Canada; 3rd largest in the World

Starting 9 p.m on Friday, May 9, 2008, through to 12 p.m Sunday May 11, 2008, 14,000+ cubic meters (18,500 yd3) of concrete delivered by 1000+ concrete mixers discharged into numerous concrete pumps to fill the foundation of The Bow in downtown Calgary, Alberta. The Bow, named for its crescent shape and view of the Bow River will cost over $1 Billion to construct with an addition $1 Billion for the interior. With a footprint of 17,651 m² (190,000 ft²), the final height of The Bow will be 236 m (774 ft), 58 stories: 2 retail floors; 3 floors with sky gardens; 53 office floors; 4 mechanical floors; 1,400 parking stalls (6 level parkade, spanning two blocks), plus 15 skywalk connections to neighboring buildings.

“I will never see a project like this again” states Joe Delehay President of Dynamic Concrete who was awarded the contract to pump, place and finish the 14,000+ cubic meters of concrete for the foundation. “The only other continuous pours larger than this one where in Dubai and Las Vegas, so this is quite something. We have a good reputation in the industry for getting the job done. For this pour especially, there is little room for breakdowns or errors” Joe concludes.

Dynamic Concrete completed the 3rd largest continuous pour in the world using Alliance concrete boom pumps which included: four 55 meter; three 42 meter (lowered into the hole with cranes); two 37 meter; and one 33 meter; one JSF 17 Alliance line pump.

The proposed high-rise was announced in 2006 by EnCana Corporation, North America's second largest natural gas producer. The project will eventually house all of EnCana's 3,300 Calgary-based employees. With an estimated 1,700,000 square feet (158,000 m²) of total office space, the complex is expected to be the city's largest. The towers will be Canada's tallest-built since Toronto's BCE Place, completed as Canada Trust Tower in 1990.

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This doesn't say what was 'non-stop', so I'm not sure if this is technically a world record - but this is a world record to me.  Nothing we ever do with a concrete pump will compare to this...


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Yep, Ray that is some killer stuff for sure.

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Ya I kinda figured Chernobyl would be on the list. That is pretty crazy. How about in the united states?

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Largest Foundation pour in the U.S.A. was in Center N.D. on 10/17/08. 6600 yards placed in 17.5 hours by Midwest Concrete Pumping out of Moorhead, MN, 4 pumps, no break downs. I was there! Still have that Pump pour jet lag.