xypex waterproofing admixtures
mattcanic 05-03-2014
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I have several large pours coming up in the next few weeks with a xypex waterproofing admixture in the mix, is there any difference in how it pumps or anything that I need to watch out for ?

MVCP 05-03-2014
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I've pumped a few water tanks with Xypex and it doesn't seem to have any effect on pumpability that i noticed. doesn't seem to effect slump or set time. Good luck

Sinopacker 03-25-2022
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I knew Xypex, BASF, SIka, and all is good waterproofing products for concrete works.

For the basement building, to keep dry and waterstop is key. 

If have crack problem, you should do polyurethane injection with grout packer.