Young pump guys
Bob 03-26-2005
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We are always looking for good, young operators. If you are interested in living and working in the Atlanta area give me a call.;~)

DAVEtinkle 03-27-2005
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9196254156 DAVE TINKLE The reason people say such things is there to lazy to help a young man grow and are too cheap to spend the necessary time and$ to get them there .They forgot that there piers said the same things about them when they were young.

2IC 04-03-2005
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hey all, my first post here and hoping i dont ruffle too many feathers. i have been pumping for close on 30 years now, young guns with an attitude are acceptable in my eyes for these reasons,1) 20 yr old, 5 years full on experience operating line and boom pumps, knows exactly how to slurry it, pump it, place it, keep it (the job site) clean, wash it and pack it up, needs to have attitude (confidence) so he is not over powered by the f...wits that think they know better, we have all had our encounters with these people, how proud is he.2) 20 yr old, 18 months experience, one of the new guys, starts taking out the little squeezie line pump, needs attitude so he is not steered off course by these same jokers, he must remain focused, focused by what he has learnt and been taught by the old grey haired man back at the shed, this same young gun is only to happy to use his mobile phone if things go egg shape, he is only to happy to share his feats over a beer every afternoon, how proud is he.3) as the grey haired old man i can only appreciate both these lads for having a go, i smile and very much enjoy their tales and conquests, if for what ever reason they f... up i am only too ambitious to stand in their shoes and apoligize for what ever to who ever (very very rarely), the important people do understand, i spend more time answering phone calls from people praising the efforts of of these 2 young guns, how proud am i.

ted 04-12-2005
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Pumping can be a hard game it takes the right person to have the right attitude towards the job to get it done in a safe manner and to keep the customer happy. You can only do your best it could be boom work or the dreded pipes. Listen to what you are told and if in dout ask. I have never been afraid to teach as long as they learn if you are not prepared to listen you would be getting into the job.

DCPump 05-11-2005
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If your looking for work in PA call Dan 717-729-2211

Marcus 12-05-2005
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Good operators are like gold, they never loose their value. As an operator I grew up in the concrete pumping business, and being young: early twenties and knowing a lot both helped me and hurt me. Some companies are stuck into ruts: run by guys who are afraid of losing their jobs to the next up and coming star. Other companies are progressive, always trying to move forward: be better, do something different. If I could give any advice to someone coming up the Ranks, just remember one thing, everyday behind the controls is a day you

shawn162006 12-08-2005
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yeah so am i ive been around them for a year an a half now ive learned to pump around a schwing 1250, an olin rock pump, a schwing 500 and an olin 565. Cant wait till i turn 18 and drive ill be out there running a pump on my own This message was edited by shawn162006 on 12-8-05 @ 2:01 PM