z boom vs. rol and fold?
crete 09-11-2013
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So.... if a guy were buying maybe a used '02-'05 boom should I even think of  a roll and fold vs a z boom? T

Ohana08 09-11-2013
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guess you need to think of size and which one would be needed more.  We have 2 trucks, one of each.  Our smaller truck is the z and it works great.  I haven't needed a big Z boom for any jobs around me.  If I am pouring inside they are only pouring a small bit anyway.  The small truck will also go out as a line pump and I don't have to raise the boom cause it doesn't hangover the backend.  So it is great when I am in th street.  But with that said I love my roll n fold.  I can move it so much faster on big pours when I have to move around.  It's all about what type of machine will stay the bussiest in your area to make you money.


Ne-max 09-11-2013
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Roll and fold is more user friendly and a lot easier to operate.  But the Z boom is more of a versitle pump.  90% of our work a roll and fold would work perfect.  But that 10% makes having the Z worth it.  I personally think the Roll and fold has less boom hop also. 

biged 09-11-2013
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Terry I see you got pumping fever, buy yourself a 17 meter Schwing because it comes on a single axle truck so in the spring when your weight limits shut down your roads you can pump when no one else can.

ShortStik 09-11-2013
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if your buying a four section boom, buy a roll and fold.  just as vercitle as a Z-boom unless there is an over-head obstruction.

i prefer z-booms myself.  in my opinion the only z-booms worth while are 5-section booms which are lots of fun and pricee.

16 CELL 09-11-2013
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 Z-boom will do 98% of what a roll and fold will.... plus a whole lot more! We have both a 36 roll and fold, and 40Z, the 40Z is our busiest machine partially due to the added versatility afforded by the Z-fold boom design. 

Beast 09-16-2013
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They both have there places , but I really believe if its not a 5-section Z , the little bit more of boom you can maneuver in a tight areas , isnt that much , in 23 years , I can count the jobs on my fingers and toes that I had to have a Z-boom for, but when you need it , you have it, for about the same $. I'd look at my market , theres not much a roll and fold will do that a Z won't, but theres quite a bit a roll and fold won't do but a z will , If I was buying I'd have to look at maybe the RZ models thats available , Concord has a 40 meter RZ thats pretty damn handy.

ATK1985 01-03-2015
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RZ is Alliance code and it is a 5 section boom where the 1st 3 sections roll last 2 are Z'd 43 and bigger 

Dipstick 01-04-2015
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I hate big 4 section zbooms. Very irritating to handle in narrow spaces like between 2 buildings. Also on like a 2nd floor slab you had blind areas when you come close to the pump. At least on the models where the 1st section can't tip backwards that is..   I had a 40m concord roll and fold  that was more versatile then a 38m Zboom. Its 3rd and 4th section had very large radius which made it possible to get it further in to a building than the 38mZ.

Smaler pumps like a 24m is great to have the RZ type..


PUMBO 01-05-2015
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Best advice is If you go for roll and fold, make sure it has as straight concrete delivery line as possible because to many bends really make the material turbulent and increase boom bounce, vibrations and wear. It should be your deal breaker if there are too many uneccesary bends, odd bend radius's and odd lengths.

The GOAT 01-12-2015
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I have ran both and they both have their ups and downs but there hasnt been a job where I NEEDED a roll and fold and my z boom didn't work. However, there have been many jobs where a roll and fold would not have worked. In my humble opinion, if you can spend the same money, go with a z boom. They are a little tougher to run but once you pick it up you can make the typical roll and fold operated look like a rookie with the places you can out that thing.