1. Personal Protective Equipment

2. Before You Arrive at Work

All workers entering a work site are required to wear (at minimum) CSA approved, green patch safety boots, hard hats and reflective vests. Other equipment, such as, safety glasses and goggles, hearing protection, breathing masks and gloves may be advisable or a site requirement. All personnel will comply with site requirements. Shirts, with short or long sleeves, and long pants must be worn at all times. Shorts and muscle shirts are not allowed at any time.

All personnel working in the shop or yard are required to wear CSA approved green patch safety footwear. Safety eyewear, hearing protection, gloves and respirators must be worn when grinding, welding, using pneumatic equipment, or performing similar tasks.

In all cases, jewelry, athletic shoes, sandals and shorts are examples of clothing that should not be worn. Also, loose fitting clothing, and clothes with strings, fringes or other external tightening means are a hazard as they could be caught in moving parts of equipment.

Other issues to keep in mind before you even arrive at work.

Are you well rested? Drowsiness and fatigue make it difficult to focus on the task at hand.

Are you fit to work? Illness or injury reduce your ability to focus on work.

Leave your personal problems at home! Inattention can cause accidents.

Drug/Alcohol possession/usage will not be tolerated!

Beware of “over-the-counter” medications which have specific warnings about operating machinery while using the medication.

Be punctual. Rushing is another distraction easily avoided.

Are you fit to return to work? Lack of activity during slow periods will cause muscle problems, if not properly conditioned. Before you start, engage in suitable exercise before you subject yourself to any major strain. Do not return to work until you are fit!

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