If and when you have a hydraulic leak; please do the following.

1. Stop the leak. If you need help call the office. 2. Catch as much of the oil as possible. If you use a bucket be sure to change it BEFORE it is full. You can empty a 5 gal bucket into the water box if necessary. Use plastic, sand, anything available to protect the site (especially asphalt) 3. Do not let the situation get beyond control. Ask the contractor to send some one to an auto parts store for floor dry or a store for a child’s pool or some plastic. 4. Do not allow water to mix with the oil, it will rise to the top and spread with the water. ½ gal of hydraulic oil will cover the entire job site if left un-tended and on water. 5. When you leave the job do not leave the mess for the contractor. Clean it up and take it with you. If you are needed on another job, make certain that the mechanics can stay and take care of the mess. If that is not possible call the salesman for that job and tell him what is going on, see if he can help, or get some help. When the last employee leaves the job the spill should be contained/ cleaned/ and gone. 6. If the spill is on asphalt or concrete be sure to grind in the floor dry as much as possible, agitate it with a broom, turning the pile, getting up as much as is possible. 7. AFTER the spill is absorbed and the mess cleaned up; scrub some truck wash soap into the effected area, and rinse (if this is humanly possible) it is well worth the effort. 8. Have a company representative go to the contractor and have him acknowledge the fact that the spill was handled quickly politely and professionally. You may well want to carry a coffee can of truck wash soap on your pump. It can’t hurt.


Written By Bob Sanderson Published by ConcretePumping.com