If you are watching only the brake lights of the vehicle ahead of you; then you are about to get into an accident.

Cumulative reaction time is what causes large, multi vehicle accidents. The person 15 cars ahead of you reaches over to pick up the cell phone and runs the right side tires onto the shoulder; the guy behind that car hits his brakes in time to avoid the wreck; the person in back of him is a little slower to perceive the threat; and on and on and on. Now there are cars locking up the brakes and turning sideways on the road. Where will it end?

The first person to NOT be involved is the operator/driver of a Concrete Pumping Service pump. He not only had the good sense to observe the correct following distance; but was also sharp enough to be on the look out for the brake lights on the car that was ¼ mile in front of him. The first person to NOT get into the wreck saves not only the damage to his unit and self; but is also responsible for saving life and limb and property of everyone behind him.

There is not always enough time to avoid what is coming your way; some days, as hard as you try, you will be in the wreck. But then that is why it is called defensive driving. Practice it, it pays off in a big way,,, by what doesn’t happen.

Written By Bob Sanderson Published by ConcretePumping.com