Although we are not on the job every day, and when we are there we are usually the center of attention; contractors spend a good portion of their time cleaning the site. All crafts leave behind a byproduct of their work; scrap lumber, pieces of rebar, shingles. The difference between them and our company is; we don’t bring any product with us. Any thing we leave is a consequence of a less than stellar performance. ½ buried dunnage, piles of concrete that have not been shoveled down, sponges, outrigger pads, drink containers, lunch bags; the list goes on and on.

We need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

When you leave the job the only things that should hint at your presence are a completed pour, and a ‘flattened’ wash out. If you would not feel safe in driving your car over a wash out, it is a potential problem for the contractor; and don’t think he isn’t aware of the inconvenience. We should bag our trash and either take it with us or put it where it belongs, in the garbage can. Flatten out the wash out piles, police up the lumber you used for dunnage, pick up the sponges. Rinse the pavement of any slurry. Take the 10 minutes required to leave the job in at least as good a condition as when you got there.

We are very busy right now; this will not always be the case. When the work slows down we want to be left with the biggest share of the remaining work. One way to accomplish this is for you to do your job just a little better than the other guy. Our sales people are out there every day, doing their best to insure that you have a job to go to tomorrow and the next day. They need your help.

• Look sharp when you get out of the truck. • Size up the job. • Think – before you set up – look up! • Think of the job site traffic flow • Make a solid level set up • Pay attention to the pour • ASK before you clean out • Knock down the washout • Police up your area before you leave the job • Drive defensively • Show every one what you are. THE BEST!!!

Concrete Pumping Service; that is what we have to offer, service. Let us do it better and cleaner than the other guys. We need to give the superintendent a good reason to call us for his next pour.

Written By Bob Sanderson Published by