When you roll onto a job and get out of your pump; at that moment the contractor has formed a lasting opinion of you.

The salesman go out and get the jobs, the operators keep them. Being a pump operator takes a special type of person. In the circus of the construction process, you are the ringmaster of the concreting process. The contractor knows this. When you walk to the foreman or superintendent and ask where you are to set up he is evaluating how his pour is going to go by the signals you are sending. Do you look professional? Are you observant? Do you have a friendly and confident look on your face? A contractor’s worst nightmare is to have a clown, not the ringmaster jump out of the cab.

1. When you park your truck, be aware, don’t block other crafts. 2. Have your hard hat and safety glasses on, don’t wait to be told. 3. Have your shirt tucked in; don’t look Raggedy and sloppy. 4. Be confident, not cocky. We know you are good, prove it to him. 5. The guy in the “AC-DC” tee shirt and tennis shoes works for the other company; let him know he made the right choice by having Concrete Pumping Service on his job. The salesmen get us there, only you can keep us there. Thanks for the good job.

Written By Bob Sanderson Published by