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No.: Pre-Pour Checklist 01 Effective Date: 01-15-05 Page: 1 of 1

Check with job superintendent

        BEFORE set-up. 

Always be professional. Look up and live.

Subject: Jobsite Pre-Pour Checklist For Salesman or Supervisor

JOBSITE___________________________________ DATE ______________________________________

OPERATOR__________________________________SIZE ________ UNIT # ______________________

Pre-Pour Checklist for Pumping Operations

Who is the person in charge? (PIC) ______________________________ Are there power lines to consider? Can we maintain 17’ clearance?

Is there a staging area for ready-mix trucks? Are there adequate access and egress routes for trucks?

Do we need traffic control? – contact ready-mix company. Is there a stable, level area for the pump truck to set up on? Need dunnage?

Is the ground stable enough to support the trucks? Is there a clean out area available? Washout bag needed?

Is there adequate lighting for the pump truck and ready-mix truck? Have weather conditions been considered?

Hose Size ________ “ length ___________ ‘ [don’t overload boom] Keep all personnel back REASONABLE SAFE DISTANCE from tip during priming, after re-positioning, plugging or after prolonged delays. COMMENTS:_______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Written By Bob Sanderson Published by ConcretePumping.com