The stuff you pump every day is bad for your skin. I don’t mean your face, although it is bad for that skin too. I am talking about your hands and arms, feet and legs. When you see people in leather boots tromping through the concrete, or when you are washing out; stepping in the concrete is a bad plan.

When you have a really bad day and you find yourself up to your elbows in the concrete; you need the antidote, you should have some in your tool box.

I am talking about vinegar; plain old household vinegar will keep you from finding out what concrete burns are all about.

The lime in the concrete is a very strong alkaline product. It first softens your skin to make it more permeable then attacks the tissue. It is poison and will, if left un-neutralized, cause blood poisoning, scarring; and in severe untreated cases, amputation. Rinsing it off is always a good idea, but you should not stop there. In order to neutralize it you must apply an acid to the affected area. This is when you will be glad you had a bottle of vinegar. It is a gentle enough acid so as not to burn the skin; but strong enough to neutralize the alkaline (lime) in the concrete. Use a lot, it is cheap. Scrub it into the affected area. Rinse and do it again. If you have concrete on the cuff of your shirt, or the leg of your pants, wash it out with water. I mean really get all of the concrete off of any area of your clothing that may rub or chaff as you continue your day. Do this as soon as is practical, the sooner the better. When you change out of your uniform do it again. When you bathe that night repeat the vinegar scrub after you are dry.

Ask the guys that have “been around” they will tell you; concrete burns are no joke!

We want you back at work tomorrow; not in the emergency room at the hospital.

Written By Bob Sanderson Published by