Raining again.

It is raining again today; Watch out. In many states it is the law that if you have your wipers on you must also have your lights on. To forget to do this is an invitation to the local Mounties to stop you. At best you will be late for your job and the options only go down hill from there. It should be a practice that your lights get turned on before leaving the gate, and back off when you re-enter at the end of the day. It is a fact that people are more aware of a vehicle that has its headlights ON. Any advantage that we can gain while driving is worth the effort. The safer we are, and the fewer accidents we have, the easier it will be next year to find an insurance carrier that will treat us fairly. The fault is not the issue, it is enough that it happened and you were involved.

1. Lights on for safety. 2. Increase your following distance on wet roads. 3. Roadways are the most slick as it begins to rain. 4. Use good judgment whenever you approach standing water on low lying roads. 5. Hydroplaning can occur at speeds over 30mph.

Safety is everyone’s business.

Written By Bob Sanderson Published by ConcretePumping.com