Here is the info on the new hose I was telling you about. I feel that besides the obvious usefulness of this kind of design for tight access walls etc. , the safety advantages are even more significant . The hose can replace the use of pipe and even standard placement hose in many cases . T he working and bursting pressure of the Mudsnake at 1250psi /2500psi substantially exceeds that of 666psi / 2000 on a standard discharge hose and 800psi/2400 on wire braided hose . The weight factor , when considering common accident s in the form of hose whippings back injuries etc. , should have a positive impact on our industry as a whole as well. The comparisons o f the weight of  the 4 ” Mudsnake compared to other commonly used 4 ”   hoses are as follows . Mudsnake 1.28lbs/ft . Fabric discharge hose 3.3lbs/foot . Wire braid hose 5.4lbs/ft. Nine gauge pipe 6. 8lbs/ft. The selling price is expected to be competitive ranging somewhere between a fabric and wire braided hose.   Thanks in advance for your help in getting this information out through the most dynamic media in our industry

To order please call 1 800 914-6141

Jeffrey L. Switzer