The concrete pumping community has for the most part been self regulating. I have always liked that. What, until very recently I had not fully realized is that it is not enough for us to write the rules but that they must also, at all times, be obeyed by the authors. For us, as an industry, to maintain our autonomy we must not feel like the rules only apply when they are convenient. Like a no parking zone, or a speed limit; the rule is always and for all; the choice to comply or not comes with a price. Government, by its nature is intrusive. It does not need a reason to interfere; an excuse will do just as well. In order that we are allowed to continue to write our own rules, to be allowed to self regulate; we must hold ourselves and each other accountable and not let each other down. We are not only better off by having the ACPA set our standards; we are safer. I do not know about you but I feel better having Rob Edwards write a regulation on some aspect of our business than to have some congressional staffer do it.

So when you are out on the job, think. Set back from the ditch and put on the extra hose, throw the other two 4x6 under that pad, put the safety strap on that additional hanging item, clear the area before priming out. There is much more at stake than just you and whether or not you ‘feel like it’. Your safety compliance affects us all.

Written By Bob Sanderson Published by