It is hot out there! The hoppers are requiring more chipping, and the sweat continues to roll off you. When you finish pumping for the day, or even between pours, you are beat. You tend to lower your guard when you are on home ground Now is the time to be extra careful; this when accidents happen.

Everyone knows about the “no point rule”. No one is to be on the hopper grate unless and until the engine is off.

I know that when you are chipping out the hopper it is SOMETIMES necessary to get on the grate or in the hopper. If this is the case you first need to SHUT THE ENGINE OFF AND REMOVE THE KEY. This extra effort is for your wellbeing. It may seem un-necessary, but it is the rule. If you need to shift the valve, or rotate the agitator remove the chipping device from the hopper before re-starting the truck; make the adjustments and then SHUT THE ENGINE OFF AND REMOVE THE KEY and then continue.

Thank you for helping me remove this source of catastrophic injury. Your family and friends thank you too.

Written By Bob Sanderson Published by ConcretePumping.com