What does an expert witness do? I always try and am up-front with you all. When I decided to get involved with this ‘expert witness’ deal, I said so. I did not have to, but I thought that it was the right thing to do. So now that I have been doing it for a while I would like to give you my “take” on the whole process.

Someone gets hurt on a job, or on the way to a job or someplace at work. Americans being Americans; sooner or later several lawyers are involved and one or the other side calls me on the phone or sends me an email. They lay out the basics of the case as they see it and ask me what I think. Somewhere between 20% and 30% of them are not overjoyed with my ‘take’ on the issue and they hang up and go away. Another 5% want to argue with me and I hang up, and they go away. This leaves about a little less than ¾ of the calls which have, in my opinion, merit. Now consider the fact that there are always at least two, and often times many more “sides” in every case; so there are more folks doing exactly the same thing that I am doing. Some of them are just in it for the money, others, like me, are in it for what we consider the right thing to do.

All an expert witness has is an informed, experienced and considered opinion. We don’t sue people, we don’t make any laws and we don’t break any laws. We just tell the court, based upon the evidence (deposition testimony and documents) why something happened, and who should have/ could have acted differently and within the accepted industry standards to prevent this terrible thing from happening.

Now, for the secret: I would rather make ½ as much money and work twice as long and twice as hard training operators to not make these mistakes. If it was up to me we could close the courts and not have any more accidents.

It is not up to me. IT IS UP TO YOU!

Do the right thing, your reward is…………………. Nothing happens.

Written By Bob Sanderson Published by ConcretePumping.com