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Beton America LLC

Beton America LLC

I would like to welcome Betonstar America to, More info to come
Conco recives Technology Award

Conco recives Technology Award

Recognizing advanced implementation of today’s Technologies into the Concrete Pumping Industry. Conco, Joe Sostaric and team, have worked tirelessly to bring automation and data management to their Concrete Pumping Company. They helped to develop the electronic job ticketing system, GPS integration with pump and truck data management. Conco does things…
Cross Concrete Pumping Revives Technology Award

Cross Concrete Pumping Revives Technology Award

Cross Concrete Pumping, Peggy and Bill Cross, have been a cornerstone in working with Rapid Applications in process management and workflow automation. Few companies have been as supportive and demanding as Cross which has created a perfect relationship between developer and customer.
Blanchet Concrete Pumping Recives Technology Award.

Blanchet Concrete Pumping Recives Technology Award.

Blanchet, Matt McDonald and team, have worked directly with Rapid Applications to streamline their Concrete Pumping company.  Many of the awesome features such as the electronic job ticket and time clocking, Blanchet had a great influence on.
Rapid Marketplace : Online Wear Parts Store

Rapid Marketplace : Online Wear Parts Store

Rapid Applications Group and Partners Unveil New Online Store at World of Concrete 2020 The store compiles the concrete pumping industry’s key suppliers in one convenient and trusted source DENVER (Jan. 31, 2020) – Rapid Applications Group LLC (Rapid Apps), the leading provider of software and GPS telematics solutions for the Concrete Pumping industry, launches the industry’s most technologically advanced ordering platform for purchasing high quality wear…
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